Trump Enters General Election in Weak Financial Position


Trump Enters General Election in Weak Financial Position

Donald Trump enters the election short of money and staff.


Trump was only able to raise $3.1 million from donors last month, whereas Clinton was able to raise $28 million for her campaign and a joint fundraising committee. She ended the month with a massive $42 million and Trump had just $1.3 million left in his accounts.

During the entire election, Trump has brought in $64.6 million, which includes $45.7 million in loans.

Clinton has dominated the airwaves with her aggressive fundraising. Clinton has reserved $21 million in TV advertising to reintroduce herself to voters. Trump is spending nothing.

The lack of fundraising has affected his ability to create a strong campaign operation. Last month he spent $6.7 million, whereas in April he spent $9.4 million. Also his staff is pretty small. He has 69 people on the payroll and Clinton has 685.

The financial advantage that Clinton has extends to the outside groups that are able to spend unlimited amounts that benefit each party’s nominee.

A super PAC that is aiding her campaign, Priorities USA Action ended May with almost $52 million in its bank accounts, Great America PAC, which is the super PAC vying to become the main outside group backing Trump ended their month with $500 971 in cash.

Trump has only started to raise money for his own campaign, with joint fundraising agreements last month with the Republican National Committee and heading fundraisers recently in Arizona and Texas. He has also issued his first fundraising email that promises to personally match every dollar that arrived in a 48 hour period up to $2 million.

Questions have come up about how Trump has spent his money.

Last month over $1 million flowed to his companies and relatives for items. The campaign paid $35 000 for web advertising.

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